Having trouble with EarPods falling out when you work out? Try these accessories.

The EarPods that come with the iPhone, iPod touch and other iPods don't fit everyone the same. And why should they? Everyone's ears are different. Fortunately a few accessory makers have filled the gap with gadgets that help EarPods fit your ear better.

When I started jogging this summer I discovered that my EarPods would fall out any time I started moving fast. It was maddening. New custom-molded earbuds are expensive. Over the ear headphones sound great and fit securely but insulate my ears — I'd get back from runs and my cans would be sopping wet. That led me to try these gadgets.

I tested all three of these EarPods accessories with various vigorious activities: Walking, jogging, biking, and working out on stationary equipment.

1. Sprng

Ohm's Sprng is a sheath that slips over the outside of the Earpod. The soft rubber edge of the Sprng is molded to fit into the curved fold of cartilage above your ear canal, to help keep the Earpod securely in place as you move. A harder plastic sheath goes over the outside of the Earpod. You can adjust the Sprng up or down to customize the fit to your ear, specifically, and the soft rubber tip doesn't hurt when it's in place. It took a few minutes of wearing them for me not to be conscious that Sprngs were there, but once I did, I found that they'd stay securely in place. Ohm makes them in different colors like pink, lime and gray.

2. Earbudi

The Earbudi solves the problem of EarPods falling out a bit differently: It's a soft rubber hook loops around the back of your ear. The Earbudi comprises a plastic part that snaps onto the Earpod and a soft molded rubber ear loop. The ear loop rotates on a ball joint so you can custom-fit the Earbudi depending on the shape of your ear and how you like the Earpod to rest in your ear canal: Some people like to just jam it in, while others like to pivot it to find a comfortable position that sounds optimal. Earbudi comes in grey, pink, or green.

The soft rubber ear loop fit comfortably, unless I wore sunglasses. Then it caused a bit of friction that I found unpleasant.

They still have a version that works with the original Apple Earbuds, which still come with the iPod shuffle.

3. Earhoox

Made of silicone, Earhoox stretch over the EarPods. A shark fin-shaped silicone protrusion helps to hold the Earhoox in place by pushing up against the cartilage inside your ear. It's very soft and unobtrusive, and Earhoox includes two different sizes in the package to help you find a perfect custom fit. Earhoox come in versions to fit either EarPods or older Apple Earbuds. The EarPods version sports a cutout on the edge to accommodate the Earpod's side-firing design. The Earbud version will work with just about any circular earbud, not just Apple's. They also come in a variety of colors to suit your mood and fashion sense.

4. Final thoughts

None of these accessories shore up one of the EarPods' biggest problems: They still sound mediocre at best. They do sound a bit better when they fit better, but it's a small improvement. You can spend a lot of money on custom-fit earbuds and earbuds with better sound quality, even from Apple, now that it owns the Beats brand. But if you're looking to get the most out of what you already have, these accessories can be really useful.

For me, it's a case of penny-wise, pound-foolish. I'd rather spend $10 to make the EarPods work for me than $100 on something that might not.

Each of these accessories held up brilliantly under my rigorous testing, so I feel comfortable recommend any of them. I'm continuing to use the Earhoox - they're the most portable of the bunch, they don't interfere with my glasses, and they're unobtrusive.

Are you using Sprngs, Earbudis or Earhoox? How do you like them? Or have you found other accessories to hold EarPods in place that you like besides these products? Sound off in the comments and let me know!