Cuddle up to your favorite Apple device with Throwboy's Iconic Pillow Collection

Every Apple fan has a piece of tech from Cupertino that changed the way they thought about computers. Whether it was the first time you used a GUI, experiencing a splash of color in an otherwise beige computer lab or the first smartphone you owned.

Throwboy's Roberto Hoyos feels the same and is launching the Iconic Pillow Collection on Kickstarter to help you bring home a piece of Apple history in plush form. The Iconic Pillow Collection features 5 beloved and historically significant Apple products, reimagined in pillow form — the Apple II, 1984's Macintosh, the iMac G3, plus the first-gen iPod and original iPhone.

Each of the pillows features detailed embroidery to achieve the look of the product it represents, like the floppy drive on the Macintosh or physical buttons on the first iPod, and are made of "super soft, high quality plush material," according to the campaign.

The Iconic Pillow Collection is not Throwboy's first rodeo, with the company having specialized in plush pillows for a decade and having previously made Apple Emoji-esque pillows and even a Steve Jobs plush.

An individual 13 x 5 x 13-inch pillow of your choosing will set you back $39, with various multi-packs offering you some savings if you want the complete set. There are also a few Early Bird offerings if you can get there fast enough.

The Iconic Pillow Collection has already surpassed its goal on Kickstarter so will definitely become a reality. Hoyos aims to ship the pillows to backers in January 2019.

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Adam Oram

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