Throwboy Pillows

Throwboy pillows in cool retro Apple shapes

  • Fun pillows are for the true Apple fan.
  • They look like Apple tech and other fun tech items.
  • Choose from a variety of styles.

How cute are these pillows? I'm just slightly obsessed with them. Back in 2006, Throwboy Founder and CEO Roberto Hoyos "accidentally" started the pillow business with a simple Christmas gift. He'd learned to sew from his grandmother when he was a boy, and so he sewed seven pillows in the shape of Mac icons for his girlfriend. She loved the pillows and photos of them online went viral. A business opportunity was born out of this built-in audience. Roberto put his idea on Kickstarter, and Throwboy grew from there. In my photo gallery below, I've put together side-by-side pictures of each real-life item with its Iconic Pillow Collection doppelganger.

They are soft and squishy and bear more than a passing resemblance to Apple tech from bygone eras. On Throwboys's website, you'll find such landmark products such as the 1977 Apple computer, 1984 Mac, 1998 Mac in Bondi Blue, 2001 iPod, and the original 2007 iPhone — in pillow form.

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You'll also find other pillows in the shape of a spinning beach ball of death, Subscribe button, Finder icon, and a gaming controller. There are also a number of t-shirts, hats, and other swag. Note that Throwboy is not directly associated with Apple. In place of the familiar apple-shaped logo on the Apple-style pillows, there is a pillow-shaped logo instead.

Other popular Millenial icon pillows include an avocado and a rainbow heart. The pillows are of excellent quality, with soft fabric and the designs carefully embroidered on. They're aesthetically pleasing as well as snuggly.

Throwboy Pillows

Throwboy Pillows

For the Apple fanboy or fangirl that has everything, Throwboy Pillows are sure to please.

Price: $40

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the Apple fan in your life, or if you want to proudly wave your nerd flag for visiting friends and family, take a peep at Throwboy's adorably plushy tech pillows.

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