Ticket to Earth: Tips and Tricks to become a Movement master!

Ticket to Earth is an absolutely stunning strategy RPG that has a complex battle system. The game's tutorial does an excellent job of teaching you the basics, but I have been obsessed with this game since it was first released and have picked up a few tricks along the way. Lucky for you, I'm willing to share.

If you want to become a true Movement master and conquer your enemies quickly, then listen up because class is in session.

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Choose your movement carefully

This may seem like common sense to advanced strategy RPG gamers, but in Ticket to Earth, it's especially important to study the Movement grid. Look at how the tiles that are laid out before you, where your enemies are on the map and pay attention to what powers you have charged to ensure you are making the most logical move.

The Movement battle system is fun, fast, and fluid. It's easy to get swept away in excitement, but if you take a beat before each turn to plan out your actions, you will fare far better against your foes.

Play to your characters' strengths

Although you only start off with Rose as a playable character, you eventually get to control the gun-toting Peacekeeper known as Wolf. When you play a mission that allows you to use Wolf and Rose on the same map, playing to their different strengths is crucial to victory. Here's a quick breakdown of each character.

Rose is a melee character and is at her best when she can get up close and personal with her enemies. When in doubt what to do with Rose, have her take the longest route you can muster on the grid that ends next to an enemy and swing away!

Wolf is a ranged character and is at his best when he stays away from the baddies. Not only can Eye tiles increase the attack range of Wolf's gun, but he has a lot of powers that inflict status ailments — like poison and stun — that can give you an edge in combat. Have him stay on the outskirts of the scrum and help pick off the enemies that Rose damages.

Find the route with the most tiles

Most of the time before you attack an enemy, you're going to want to walk over the most tiles you possibly can so your attack can be as powerful as possible. Often if you use diagonally movement, you can fit in a few extra tiles during your movement, meaning you can hit the baddies even harder. Look for the longest route every time and start mowing down your enemies quicker.

Invest in the Harvester talent

Try to pick up the Harvester talent for both Rose and Wolf as soon as possible.

The Harvester talent allows you to pick up all the items on the grid if you move over 10 or more tiles in one action. All the hearts, credits, and Justice tokens anywhere on the map will come racing towards you, and resources are everything!

Harvester has saved my life more times than I can count in Ticket to Earth and I'm sure it will do the same to you.

Complete as many bonus objectives as you can

Completing each bonus objective gives you one talent token, and typically, there are three bonus objectives each mission. The more talent tokens you acquire, the more talents you can unlock for your characters, making you more powerful and versatile.

Bonus objectives are often very hard to complete (especially all three at once) but remember you can also replay missions in Combat Meditation mode and complete the bonus objectives you missed the first time around.

Go into battle with the right powers equipped

There are three types of enemies in Ticket to Earth — mutants, robots, and humans — and some powers are more effective against certain types of units and less effective against others.

Before each battle, you'll be given a breakdown of the primary objective, all the bonus objectives, and what type of enemies you'll be facing. It's prudent for you to use this information to your advantage and equip Rose and Wolf with powers that will be effective for the enemies you will be facing.

Do you have any other tips?

What are your favorite tips, tricks, and strategies to use in Ticket to Earth? Share your wealth of knowledge with everyone in the comments down below!

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