What you need to know

  • Tile has released two brand new trackers, Slim and Sticker.
  • Slim is the size of a credit card, Sticker is waterproof and great for the outdoors.
  • Also updates to Tile Pro and Tile mate.

Bluetooth tracking specialist Tile has released added to brand-new products to its lineup, 'Slim' and 'Sticker' along with updates to Tile Pro and Tile mate.

Tile Sticker is a brand new, small, outdoor tracker. It sticks to virtually anything, and its also waterpoof! Because of this, it's perfect for use on outdoor items, or items that you know might get exposed to the elements every now and then. It has a 150ft range and a built-in 3 year battery, so you won't have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

The new Tile Slim is a narror, credit card-shaped tracker which you can put in a wallet or a passport holder. Its form factor makes it discreet, and like the Sticker it has a built-in 3 year battery, as well as a 200ft range.

Alongside these new release, Tile Pro and Tile Mate have been update to incorporate an update look and increased ranges of 400 and 200 feet respectively. Another brand new addition is Tile bundles, so you can now purchase combinations of Tile products in multipack deals!

Tile's entire range, including Slim and Sticker are avaialble to purchase from its website now

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