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Tile Pro

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Tile Sport/Style

The Tile Pro (and 2018 Tile Mate) has all the features you'll want out of a Bluetooth tracker, but it also includes a replaceable battery for the first time. This means you no longer have to send away old Tiles when the battery dies.

$35 at Amazon


  • Replaceable battery
  • Terrific range
  • Loud alert sound


  • Pricey
  • Larger footprint than past models
  • Might be overkill for some

The Tile Pro has replaced the Tile Sport and Tile Style, which are no longer being sold by Tile. However, plenty of stock remains at retailers, including Amazon, at a nice discount.

$16+ at Amazon


  • Not as pricey as Tile Pro
  • Slightly smaller design
  • Choice of colors


  • Could soon be out of stock
  • Lower alarm volume
  • Not as good of range

These three Tiles will get the job done. If you lose something important and have the Tile attached, you should be able to find it easier. What will influence your purchase is how much money you want to save.

Key differences

The Tile Pro and Tile Sport/Style are very different inside and this extends beyond the Tile Pro's introduction of a replaceable battery. The newer Tile offers a longer range and has a better protection rating. It's also the one with the louder alert system, which makes it easier to find when you're pinging it.

The newer Tile is rated IP68, which means it's been designed to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and is resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes. The older models, rated IP55, offer limited protection from both dust and water only.

What's the deal with the battery? Older Tiles like the Tile Sport/Style are dead once the battery dies; when this happens, you can recycle the Tile in the mail and receive a new Tile at a discount. Beginning with the Tile Pro, you can replace the batteries when they die. If you're a member of the Tile Premium, your new batteries are free.

Tile Pro Tile Sport/Style
Bluetooth range 300 ft. 200 ft.
Alert volume 128 dB 98 dB
Water & dust resistance IP55 IP68
Phone finder Yes Yes
Crowdsourced Tracking Yes Yes
Ringtones 8 8
Attachment hole Yes Yes
Replaceable battery Yes No

Bluetooth trackers aren't supposed to look beautiful — until they are. The Tile Sport and Tile Style were the first locator products by the company designed to look good and also help you find your belongings. Luckily, that designer look has been extended to the Tile Pro.

Each option is great to look at, but only the Tile Pro comes with the latest updates.

The Tile Pro is priced at $35, which is what Tile was charging for the Tile Sport/Style when they first arrived on the market. The older models have now been discontinued but are still available while supplies last. You can find combo packs for each kind that brings down the price per Tile. Size may also be a factor when making your decision. The Tile Pro measures 41.6mm x 6.5mm, while the Tile Sport and Tile Style are 40mm x 5.9mm and 37.5mm x 5.9mm, respectively.

Regardless of which one you decide to buy, all Tiles perform the same general tasks. They've been designed to attach to items like keys and luggage. When you can't find your object, do a search on the Tile app. It will let you know whether the item is nearby but out of sight. When your item is further away, you can activate Community Find. Other Tile users can help to find your item automatically and alert you when it has come into range.

Looking for more? Keep your Tile app running in the background so it keeps track of the last place your item has been.

Our pick

Tile Pro

The best Tile tracker you can currently buy

The Tile Pro offers a replaceable battery, better range, and louder alert sounds than previous models. It's the one to buy if you want to stay current and recycle. Subscribe to Tile Premium and get your batteries for free each year.

Less money

Tile Sport/Style

Still a good choice for less

The Tile Sport and Tile Pro Style were the first to focus on design. Now heavily discounted, they are still a good choice for those looking for a locator finder system for less. Just keep in mind the range isn't as good on these models and when they die, they must be replaced. Regardless, if you find these deeply discounted, they might be the ones to buy.

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