Popular and reliable

Tile Slim

Super small and cheap

TrackR Pixel

Tile Slim is a Bluetooth tracker slim enough to fit into your wallet, which means regardless of how much space you have, you should be able to keep track of your most essential items. While the ability to change ringtones is a nice touch, the non-replaceable battery does mean that you'll have to replace the Tile Slim when the battery gives out.

$30 at Amazon


  • Water resistant.
  • Multiple ringtones.
  • Better crowdsourced tracking.


  • Non-replacable battery.

The TrackR Pixel is super small and slightly louder than the Tile Slim, meaning tracking you're stuff is easier than ever. Tile is more popular and better supported, so TrackR's app and crowdsourcing isn't top notch.

$6 at Amazon


  • Super small.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Louder ring volume.


  • Clunkier app experience.
  • Less reliable crowdsourced tracking.

Tile Slim is everything you love about Tile in a slimmer package, allowing you to use the full services Tile offers through its fantastic app. Its size means it can easily fit into your bag, wallet, or purse, and giving options for ringtones makes it easier to pinpoint what you're ringing (if you have multiple Tiles).

While the TrackR Pixel is not as popular as a Tile, it still offers a great package for about a third of the price of the Tile Slim. With a 100-foot range, a replacable battery, and a design small enough to look like a coin, The TrackR Pixel is a great budget pick.

A few key differences

The Tile Slim and TrackR Pixel are different in only a few key categories, so when you're making your decision of which one to buy, the battery, price, and volume level are probably your main concerns.

Notably, the Title Slim doesn't have a replaceable battery, meaning when it dies, you have to get a new one. Tile does offer a reTile program which lets you buy new Tiles at a discount if you're replacing one because of a battery. While that discount can be up to 40 percent off, it still means buying a whole new Tile when the battery runs out. The good news is the battery should last you three years with regular use, meaning it isn't an expense you'll need to make often.

The TrackR Pixel uses a replaceable CR2016 battery, which isn't that expensive to replace, and easy enough to find at local stores or online. This gives the TrackR Pixel a less expensive price tag when you think about the future, which is already on top of its cheap upfront cost.

Tile Slim TrackR Pixel
Price $30 $10
Range 200 feet 100 feet
Battery Non-replaceable CR2016
Volume Not-specified 90 decibels
Weight 14 grams 4 grams

If you're just looking for a simple Bluetooth tracker that is good for short distances and you don't want to spend any more money than you have to, the TrackR Pixel is probably the way to go. With cheap, replaceable batteries and its $6 price tag, the TrackR Pixel is going to be a more affordable option both now and going into the future.

That doesn't mean you should write off the Tile Slim completely, Tile's app experience and it's crowdsourced tracking capabilities are far superior to TrackR. Having a larger community means you can more easily find an item you've lost, even if it's out of your Bluetooth's range. Tile uses others who have the trackers to do some of the location work for you.

Not to mention that the Tile Slim is water-resistant. Although, Tile doesn't give a sepcific IP rating for the new Slim model, the previous model was IP57 and Tile does say that the new Tile Slim can withstand splashes and drops in water of up to 3-feet.

Best in multiples

Tile Slim

Popular and reliable

The Tile Slim is best for people who want multiple trackers. The fantastic app experience and the ability to change the ringtone of different devices makes it a breeze to keep track of your items at once.

Very affordable

TrackR Pixel

Cheaper and easier to replace

While the app and crowdsourced tracking option on the TrackR may not be as useful as Tile, hands down its the more affordable option both now and in the long run

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