Tile makes four different Bluetooth trackers with varying sizes, shapes, and features. If you find yourself struggling to choose the Tile that's right for you, this guide will help you pick out the perfect tracker for your particular needs.

A closer look

When it comes to weighing pros and cons, nothing beats a handy comparison chart! Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from Tile's four Bluetooth trackers. It all boils down to a few distinct differences: size, water and dust resistance, Bluetooth range, and price — the rest is similar enough to not matter much in most cases.

  Tile Sport Tile Style Tile Mate Tile Slim
Size 40mm x 40 mm 37.5 mm x 37.5 mm 34 mm x 34 mm 54 mm x 54 mm
Bluetooth range 200 ft. 200 ft. 100 ft. 100 ft.
Alert volume 98 dB 98 dB 88 dB 82 dB
Water & dust resistance IP68 IP68 IP57 IP57
Phone finder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crowdsourced Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ringtones 8 ringtones 8 ringtones 8 ringtones 8 ringtones
Adhesive included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attachment hole Yes Yes Yes No
Replaceable battery No (40% discount with reTile program) No (40% discount with reTile program) No (40% discount with reTile program) No (40% discount with reTile program)
Price $30 $30 $20 $30

So how do you choose between them? Well, here's a breakdown of the best use cases for each model!

Tile Sport

The Tile Sport is good for keys, cameras, travel bags, backpacks, camping gear, and anything that could end up getting wet or dusty. It's small, loud, and perfect for most use cases. You can grab one for about $30 on Amazon.

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Tile Style

The Tile Style is almost identical to the Tile Sport, save for the stylish colors and trim. Clip it on a backpack, a keychain, luggage, etc. and you'll also be showing off your unique style (ah, so that's why they call it that)!

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Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is also good for keys, cameras, travel bags, backpacks, and more — just as long as your stuff isn't going to end up getting banged around too much or left in the rain. The Tile Mate doesn't offer the same water and dust resistance as the Tile Sport and Tile Style and it's got that shorter Bluetooth range.

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Tile Slim

Unlike the other Tiles, the Tile Slim is uniquely designed for wallets, tablets, and laptops. The slim design doesn't add too much bulk to your devices while still offering that ever-so-necessary Bluetooth tracking you've come to need.

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