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What you need to know

  • Apple's retail stores in Austria and Australia will begin reopening within the next two weeks.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the plans in an interview with Bloomberg.
  • The company also plans to reopen some of its US stores in the coming weeks.

Apple released its Q2 earnings today and, soon after, the company's CEO Tim Cook joined Bloomberg to talk about the state of the company as well as when some of its retail stores would begin to reopen.

In the interview, Cook told Bloomberg's Emily Chang that the company is planning on reopening some of its retail stores in Austria and Australia within the next 1-2 weeks. He also said that "just a few, not a large number" of stores in the United States would begin to reopen in the first half of May.

"Cook made the announcement in an interview with Bloomberg's Emily Chang alongside the release of Apple's fiscal second-quarter earnings. He also said that he believes that "just a few, not a large number" of stores in the U.S. will re-open in the first half of May."

As far as how Apple plans to reopen its stores, Cook says that the company is going "city by city" and taking a very methodical approach to understanding which stores make sense to open first.

"Cook said that Apple is "going to look at the data and make a decision city by city, county by county, depending on the circumstances in that particular place." He said he doesn't think Apple will be the first storefront to reopen in any region."

When asked about Apple Park, the company's headquarters, Cook said that the building will most likely not reopen until at least June.

"Cook also said that its main campus in Cupertino wouldn't open until at least early June. He said that it would open on a staggered basis with temperature checks, social distancing, masks and that the company is looking into testing."

Apple announced its Q2 earnings today with a 1% increase to $58.3 billion in revenue.