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-tim Cook has appeared on the Outside podcast to discuss, health, fitness, and using our devices less.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared on the Outside podcast to discuss health, fitness, and using our devices less.

The new episode was released Wednesday and the description states:

With the latest version of its Watch and the imminent launch of its online training platform Fitness+, Apple is positioning itself as a leader in the health and wellness space. For CEO Tim Cook, this effort has been many years in the making. A fitness obsessive, Cook works out daily, passionately believes that exercise is key to our quality of life, and he sees extraordinary opportunity in the ability to democratize health science by enabling millions of his customers to anonymously share that data with researchers. But Cook is also an outdoors nerd who says that his time in nature and offline is "like a palate cleanser for the mind." In this extended conversation with Outside Podcast host Michael Roberts, Cook talks about both the incredible promise of technology to enhance our well-being and Apple's duty to help us use our devices more wisely.

Whilst Cook says that tech can help us lead more balanced and healthier lifestyles, he also said we need to be able to learn to ignore our screens.

Cook's appearance appears following Apple's announcement Tuesday that Apple Fitness+ would be released on December 14. The new subscription fitness service works with Apple Watch to provide users with workouts in the home, complete with metrics integrations and a range of activities like strength, interval training, yoga, dance, cycling, treadmill workouts, rowing, and a mindful cooldown. The service will be released next week.

You can listen to the full interview here.