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What you need to know

  • Tim Cook has continued touring Asia, this time stopping in Singapore.
  • He met with several Apple Arcade developers and coding students.
  • He also joined a Today at Apple session at Singapore's Orchard Road store.

Tim Cook is continuing his tour of Asia, most recently stopping in Singapore to meet with Apple Arcade developers and coding students.

Over the last few days, Tim Cook had been visiting Japan where he was pictured next to a wondrous looking vat of Midnight Green, which is supplied by Seiko Advance for the iPhone 11 Pro. He also visited Apple Ginza, the first-ever Apple Store outside of the U.S. Now, his travels have taken him to Singapore.

Cook was first photographed meeting iPhone photographers Darren Soh and Aik Beng Chia and grabbing a bite to eat. Then, he went on to visit Apple Orchard Road in the heart of Singapore. There he lauded a Today At Apple session run by Mesh Minds that showed how children could use ARKit to keep our oceans clean. Next up, he met with high school students who are learning to code through the Swift Accelerator Program, marveling that the students had already pushed AR and productivity apps to the App Store.

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Most recently, Cook headed to Singapore's PIXEL space where he met Apple Arcade developers The Gentlebros, BattleBrew and Tendays Studio. (Pictured)

It's really great to see Cook out and about, connecting with all of the people who help Apple and its ecosystem come to life. No doubt Cook will be keen to emphasize his own regard for some of Apple's latest and most impactful ventures, including Apple Arcade and the power of education through Swift and Today at Apple. Great stuff.

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