Iphone 13 Mini ColorsSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's new iPhone 13 lineup is heavier than the one it will replace.
  • All new iPhone 13 models have gained weight, likely to allow for claimed battery improvements.

As the dust continues to settle following yesterday's California Streaming event, it's becoming clear that the claimed iPhone 13 battery improvements come at the expense of the devices' weight. All of the new iPhone 13 models are heavier than the iPhone 12 models they replace.

Time to bulk up before September 24!

According to the numbers available via Apple's iPhone comparison page, its new devices gain up to 15g when compared to the outgoing iPhone 12 devices.

  • iPhone 13 mini — 141 grams compared with the 135 grams of the iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 13 — 174 grams compared with the 164 grams of the iPhone 12
  • iPhone 13 Pro — 204 grams compared with the 189 grams of the iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max — 240 grams compared with the 228 grams of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

All of the new models have become slightly thicker than their older counterparts as well, again suggesting that Apple is packing bigger batteries just as rumors had first suggested.

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Apple says that the new devices offer the best iPhone battery life yet, but we will have to wait for September 24 to roll around to test that for ourselves. That's when the new iPhones go on sale following a pre-order kick-off on Friday, September 17.

Apple also announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 during its event, while a new iPad and iPad mini also saw some love.

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