Timery Widget ScreensSource: Joseph Hribar

What you need to know

  • Timery has been updated to support iOS 14 Home screen widgets.
  • There are widgets for starting new timers.
  • There are even widgets to show how much time you've tracked.

Timery has been my go-to time tracking app for some time now. It uses Toggl's service but Timery is streets ahead of anything Toggl can offer. It's just gotten way better as well, all thanks to the inclusion of new iOS 14 Home widgets.

I've been using this version of Timery for a few months and it's been amazing from day one. Developer Joseph Hribar hasn't just thrown together a widget and called it a day, either. There are multiple widgets to choose from, all showing different data or allowing users to do different things. And all without ever opening the app for the most part.

Timery Time Tracked WidgetSource: Joseph Hribar

The first widget shows all of your saved timers and lets you tap one to start a new session. This is the only widget that will need to open the app, too.

Start saved timers from a customizable grid in small, medium, and large sizes. Edit the widget to choose which timers to display and whether or not to show your current time entry like the old Timery widget.

Next up is a widget that displays information on the timer that is currently running.

View your current running time entry in small and medium sizes. The medium size will also show the time tracked today for that timer.

And finally, a widget that displays data for the sessions that have been tracked over a day or week. The widget can be customized to meet your specific needs as well.

View your time tracked today or this week in small, medium, and large sizes. Edit the widget to choose the time period as well as apply various filters to customize what is reported on (like a single project or client) and how it is displayed (like by project or by tag).

I have all three widgets in a Stack on my second Home screen, just waiting to be tapped. It's magical and goes to show what widgets are capable of – showing data when we need it and then letting us act on it whenever we want to.

There's a ton more in this update as well. From new shortcuts to support for Dynamic Type, it's all there. Check out the full list of changes in the App Store for the rundown.

Timery can be downloaded from the App Store for free, now although in-app purchases are also available.

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