Calendar Selection in iOS

Have a lot of different calendars arranged in your Google Calendar, and curious how to manage which calendars display across the different devices you sync to? Perhaps you use an iPhone primarily for work and an iPad for play? If you're syncing both devices to the same Google account, then knowing how to tell Google which devices should see which calendars is a necessity. Follow us after the break to find out how to do just this.

The default calendar app for the iPhone lets you only show certain calendars, but this often doesn't extend to 3rd party App Store apps that pull calendar data from iOS. Fortunately, Google has provided an easy and straight-forward way of doing this if you're set up through Exchange ActiveSync.

  • After you setup Google Sync on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you'll want to go into Safari and point it to in order to manage your devices.

Google Sync - Manage Devices Selection

  • From here you'll need to select your desired device. If you've ever synced other devices (including but not limited to previous iOS devices) you'll see them all displayed here with a time-stamp of your last sync.

  • Tap on the device you'd like to manage and you'll have the ability to select any calendar you want synced to your device. De-select any calendar you'd like your device not synced with.

Google Sync - Calendar Selection

4) Finally, tap 'Save' at the top and you'll be taken back to your device selection. Once you've saved the calendars you'd like to have synced, open up your calendar app and allow it a moment to sync up your new calendars. If you'd like to verify that only the specific calendars you selected have been synced, tap 'Calendars' at the top-left to see a list of all calendars.

That's it! Now you have full control over which calendars are synced to your iDevice from Google Calendar. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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