Toca Life: Hospital: Everything you need to know!

Toca Life: Hospital is a game by popular developer Toca Boca. The entire Toca series is geared towards children and uses a more freeform narrative style than most games, allowing children to shape what happens by interacting with the game in different ways. Here's everything you need to know about Toca Life: Hospital.

The Objective

There isn't one central purpose in Toca Life: Hospital. Since the game is geared towards kids, it's more about interacting with everything on the screen.

If you are playing with your children, you can grab objects and people and drag them around the screen. Putting them next to individual objects or placing certain items in their hands will cause the characters to act in various ways. Touch everything and leave nothing unturned!

Different Hospital Floors

There are five different floors of the Toca Life: Hospital and each one is a brand new environment for your kids to explore. Each level of the building has its secrets to reveal and new characters and objects to move around. Here's a quick rundown of each level and what you'll find there:

  • Basement: This is the ambulance bay. Here you'll find an ambulance, paramedics, a locker room, and more!
  • First Floor: You'll find the triage center on the first floor of the hospital, and here's where you will find people waiting, the cafeteria, and even an outside deck.
  • Second Floor: The medical lab is on the second floor, and there are lots fun machines to play around with.
  • Third Floor: Here you'll find the pediatrics unit, complete with sleeping kids, a play space, and even newborns!
  • Fourth Floor: The top floor houses the lounge area. Here you'll find a TV, some board games, a couple recovering patients, and even an indoor garden.

Secret Areas

Some of the floors have secret areas you can find by activating certain objects.

For example, in the basement, you can find red buttons hiding behind objects. Once you find all five, you'll be able to pull a lever on the machine in the right corner of the area. This will open a new pathway to a secret lab!

Keep your eye out for other secrets along the way!

Screen Recording

Toca Life: Hospital has a built-in screen recording function, meaning you can create videos of what is happening in the game.

Tap and hold the video button in the top right corner of the screen until the countdown is initiated. Once the 3 seconds pass, the game will start recording. You can stop the recording at any time by tapping the stop button in the top right corner.

You can save the video, send it via messages or email, post it to social media, or even delete them all from within the game.

What else do you need to know?

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