New Today at Apple sessions are designed to be brief but informative

What you need to know

  • On September 20, Apple will start offering Quick Tip sessions at Apple Stores.
  • These sessions will be just 15 minutes and teach people about the iPhone 11.
  • Sessions are open and free to the public.

Starting September 20, Apple will offer new Quick Tip sessions at Apple Stores designed to teach consumers about the latest iPhones. These sessions last just 15 minutes, so you can quickly drop-in and then go about your day.

The new Quick Tip sessions is part of Apple's expanded Today at Apple program, which also features skills, walks, and labs.

Customers interested in learning more about iPhone 11 can join one of Apple's new Today at Apple sessions, Quick Tips. Quick Tips are 15-minute drop-in sessions focused on some of the most popular features of iPhone, like photography. The new Quick Tip sessions begin Friday, September 20.

Today at Apple sessions can be up to 90 minutes long depending on the topic. The brevity of Quick Tips sounds like the perfect length for today's always-on-the-go society.

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Brandon Russell