Music RevivalSource: Spotlight

What you need to know

  • Today at Apple and Made in LDN are launching Music Revival with Spotlight again.
  • The program will run from February 10 through June 30.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Today at Apple, Made in LDN, and Spotlight are all teaming up again to help young musicians make their big break into the music industry with the Music Revival program. This year's program will, of course, be virtual.

"Dive headfirst into the industry in this exclusive programme. Creative sessions will cover everything from building a profile and finding creative direction online, to shooting stand out music videos. You'll also learn how the different parts of the industry connect and what it's like to sign with a label. In the final session, you'll discover how to take your project out into the world and use marketing and PR to make it fly."

The program was also virtual last year, a first for Apple and its partners in the program.

In 2020, Today at Apple moved from in-store to online due to the pandemic. Spotlight's Music Survival series was one of the first virtual collaborations, giving 36 young artists the skills they need to succeed. With support from the mayor of London, Apple celebrated a summer of virtual creativity with a live Final Showcase and short films documenting the project.

This year, sessions will focus on shooting a music video, signing with a label, and marketing your work.

For 2021, Music Revival builds on the success of Music Survival with DJ and presenter Carly Wilford. This year, participants will dive in and shoot music videos, learn what it's like to sign with a label, and how to market creative work. Beginning in February, Webex sessions will run every second Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

The program will run from February 10 through June 30. Musicians who are ages 16-25 and live in the UK can submit their application on Spotlight's website until February 3.