This Today At Apple (At Home) video is given entirely in ASL

Accessibility Today At Apple
Accessibility Today At Apple (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • May is Accessibility Awareness Month.
  • Apple launched a new "Today At Apple" video with tips on the Clips app.
  • The entire video was given in Sign Language.

A new video on Apple's Today At Apple (At Home) page has been published today. It's all about making videos with seamless transitions and infinite loops. It's a simple and creative way to make it look like you've filmed a video without cutting, but things change while the camera is "obstructed." It's a well-known technique used to create the impression of a long, unedited shot in movies.

Gus, a Creative Pro at Apple Carnegie Library explains how to use this technique in the Clips app, and how to use the infinite loops feature to create a fun unending clip with your family and friends.

Gus is a member of the deaf community and gives these instructions entirely with Sign Language. As part of Accessibility Awareness Month, and in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (which is May 21), this video is in line with everything Apple does to help support the accessibility community.

Apple has been doing some fantastic work to encourage a more diverse and accessible environment for its products (something Apple does all year long, but we're getting some great additions this month). Keep an eye out for more spotlights of the accessibility community throughout GAAD and the rest of the month.

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