Tom Clancy's The Division to let mobile players get in on post-apocalyptic console action

One of the many games making their debut at E3 is one by Ubisoft called Tom Clancy's The Division. Players work their way through a New York ravaged by plague, trying to stay alive and bring back some semblance of order to the chaos. In a lot of ways, it's a standard duck-and-cover action game with lots of gadgets, skills, progression, and persistent open world player-versus-player, but what's really interesting to us is the mobile element. Players on unnamed tablets will be able to join in the fun as a drone, offering tactical support by way of surveillance, healing, and providing other bonuses. You can still get shot at, even though you're in the air, so watch out. This is a great way to drop in and out of a game no matter where you've got some time to spare; fast forward to 3:54 in the video below to see what this kind of gameplay is going to look like.

I gotta say, I'm really excited for this type of marriage between console and mobile gaming. It applies very much to one of our Talk Mobile topics about the displacement of console versus mobile; clearly there's a very sensible, fun way for the two to coexist and complement one another, and it's looking like more games from E3 this year will be following this theme.

Tomorrow the show floor opens and I'll be making a bee-line to the Ubisoft booth to check this out. In the meantime, check out The Division's page for more info (opens in new tab).

Simon Sage

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  • This game does look really cool and fun to play but I didn't see ANY RPG elements. Skill progression does not equal role play...
  • Yup, totally agreed. Freakin' everything has an XP bar now.
  • This is slick! Being able to pop in as a drone by using a tablet... just awesome. And yea... XP bars are the new thing apparently.