Tom Cruise was considered for lead role in upcoming Steve Jobs biopic

With the recent leak of documents from Sony Pictures, Apple fans are getting a look at some previously unknown casting details in Aaron Sorkin's highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic. The most interesting tidbit is that Sorkin was originally planning to tap Tom Cruise to play the Apple co-founder.

Ars Technica has released some excerpts from email conversations between Sorkin and Sony Pictures staff. In one exchange, Sorkin talks about his choice of Tom Cruise for the lead role:

I've gotten Scott and Danny to the point where they're now a little interested in Tom Cruise. Though both remain concerned about his age (me less so) everyone agrees that he's an actor who can really handle language (Lions for Lambs, Magnolia, A Few Good Men) and a movie star who feels comfortable owning the stage. He's in London filming right now and Scott wants to get him a script to read and a meeting with Danny before Danny comes here to LA next week. I've been warned that he likes to bring in Chris McQuarrie to re-write but [CAA agent] Maha Dakhil (who wants him in the movie) has assured me that won't happen.

However, Sony ultimately ended up selling the film rights to Universal — a decision which appears to be tied to the eventual choice of Michael Fassbender for the role of Steve Jobs. Ars Technica reports:

it was ultimately Director Danny Boyle's choice of Michael Fassbender for the role of Steve Jobs that blew up the deal, as Pascal and her team struggled to find someone to help finance the film with him in the lead. Then, as Sony reached a deadline for coming up with a deal, producer Scott Rudin and Boyle closed a deal with Universal to take the picture, sparking an e-mail flame war.

A few more interesting tidbits were leaked about the casting of the movie. It appears that several other actors, including Tobey McGuire and Matthew McConaughey, were interested in playing Jobs as well.

It will be interesting to see where this saga goes as more documents surface, but it appears that Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio definitely weren't alone as frontrunners for the part.

Source: Ars Technica

Dan Thorp-Lancaster
  • Make this movie already.
  • 2nd worst nightmare: Tom Cruise as Steve Jobs.
    Worst nightmare: Johnny Depp as Steve Jobs. Depp simply can't "play smart."
    Rockstar pirates? Yes. (Pirates of the Caribbean)
    Brooding loners? Yes. (Donnie Brasco)
    Bizarre supporting roles? Yes. (Fear and Loathing, The Lone Ranger)
    Smart guys? No. (Transcendence)
  • How about Chevy Chase? Or Will Farrell even! Hehe! Sent from the iMore App
  • lol
  • How long will iMore keep up posted on the this mundane and insignificant Hollywood bologna? Remember: We're intelligent people :)
  • Mmmmmm, bologna.
  • Time for your meds, you know the ones.
  • After this much time, and all the seeming problems getting a real movie about Jobs made, I'm starting think it's time to just drop it already, err...uhmm...finally.
    Just my 2¢. Sent from the iMore App
  • Anybody other than the Cruiser. He's had decent roles (Top Gun) but no way Steve Jobs Sent from the iMore App
  • Why? Sent from the iMore App
  • Tom Cruise ?? Really ?? I don't see it and I won't see it. Shia LaBouf as the younger Jobs (up to around 1999) and Stanley Tucci as the later Jobs. Sent from the iMore App
  • Much more interesting in than the Cruise part is that fact that Fassbender is not a big enough name to get anyone who will finance the film with him as the lead. Additionally, Tom Cruise still is. I'm not really surprised by that distinction in power between the two actors but it's interesting to see it stated.