TomTom Car Kit Compatible With iPod Touch and Other GPS Apps

As you might have heard, TomTom's GPS application hit the App Store late yesterday. Questions still remain regarding the much anticipated TomTom car kit and if it would be compatible with the iPod Touch or other GPS applications. Macrumors is now reporting that TomTom public relations manager Yann Lafargue says yes, you will be able to use other GPS applications along with Apple's iPod Touch with the car kit.


blockquote>"It will work with the iPod touch and will also work with third-party GPS applications."

There still is no word on pricing or availability except it will arrive "later this summer", but keep an eye on the official TomTom Twitter page for the latest "official" information.

How much would you be willing to spend on this accessory?

  • I never get to be first. $39.99 is the most I would pay for it.
  • Can't use it because I have mophie on mine 24/7.
    I also wouldn't pay anything over 10 dollars assuming it's a plastic base and made in China under a dollar.
  • Did i miss the ipod touch having a GPS chip?
  • Oops..i get it now. The mount has GPS built in.
  • The mount itself has an auxiliary GPS radio. Therefore, it costs a little more than a dollar to manufacture, even in China. This will likely cost upwards of $100 in addition to the $100 TomTom application.
  • Oh no! Not the proverbial "later this summer" crap AT&T keeps giving us.
    P.S. I had a dream last night that AT&T released MMS via an automatic carrier update. I knew I was dreaming when it was automatic.
    P.P.S. I'm serious!
  • I'd pay for it. Currently don't have an iphone mount and this looks pretty good.
  • Does anyone know if it's subscription based? I mean the app is $100 one time fee or is the app $100 and $10-$20 monthly fee?
  • @ Memphis. As of right now, it is stated as one time fee. Not sure what happens when the map is updated though.
  • It's a one-time fee. No subscription. Updates most likely free, but who knows.
  • I'd pay $50
  • i'd pay about 150 for the app + mount with no hesitation.
    since the app is probably going to be 100, i'd pay 50 for the mount.
    i think the mount is going to be closer to 100 though, which would mean that i might still buy it but only after a lot of hesitation, research and comparison shopping with other turn by turn apps for the iPhone.
  • It is sad you have to pay so much for this device when dedicated ones are much cheaper. It's even sadder that the Iphone, for as great as it is cannot take full advantage of its hardware and multitask. What a shame.
  • @ Dyms thanx.
    Cosidering what Dymns informed me of I'm willing to pay $199, $100 for the mount and $99 for the app. Most GPS gadgets cost anywhere between $200 and up and require subscription fee. I'd say it's worth it even if they aak for a fee to update the maps.
  • Hmm, this I think is reasonable.
    For those who have already purchased it (the map app itself), maybe it should be free. 10 dollar or less on shipping and handling.
    If a person wishes to buy this because it's such an awesome car kit, but wishes to use the other variety maybe pay 50 dollars.
    I say this because there are GPS kits out there that are a little less than 100 dollars with the full car kit.
  • 3 years ago I paid $199 for the Palm TomTom Navigator combo that included GPS receiver, cradle, and SD card with program and maps. Today, I think $199 would be a bit high given the lower price of stand-alone GPS devices. If TomTom bring Text-to-Voice street names, map updates and traffic info, $199 could be reasonable for the combo with cradle, but currently the TomTom appears overpriced based on the feature set. If they included the Google POI info with gas prices etc. form the LIVE product line, maybe.
  • @ Memphis
    You would be correct if this was 2007 but GPS units are cheap. A good GPS with no subscription is around $149 dollars and even cheaper if you look.
    Garmin - nüvi 255 GPS
    Magellan - RoadMate 1212 Portable GPS - Black
    I have never seen a Phone that required another expensive device in order to do decent turn by turn GPS. This speaks volumes on Apples part (and maybe ATT) in their decision to gimp GPS.
    Keep in mind the units I listed are from BestBuy, the absolute worst place to get a deal.
  • Hello, I have a question. You said that it will be able to work with iPod Touch, but the iPod Touch doesn't have a GPS. I read that the Tom Tom Car Kit has a GPS Antenna, so i will be able to use my iPod Touch with this to go anywhere?
    P.S. Sorry for the bad english
  • Sounds like we are on the price is right... Article should show a picture of Bob Barker instead...
  • Wow what happened to my post?
  • @ Memphis
    Yeah most gps units would have cost that in 2007. But you can find very good subscription based units for under $160.
  • I'm very excited that this product will enhance the GPS signal for ANY application :). That was the make or break factor for me.
    If it does not transmit music to radio: $60.
    If it does transmit music to radio: $120.
  • Sorry I should clarify. $60 Australian dollars ($50 US dollars) and $120 Australian dollars ($100 US dollars).
  • If you have purchased the App itself, will you be allowed to put it on a second iphone? Me and my wife both have iphones, but I dont think I would be willing to pay 2 app fees
  • I have an alternative for you all: buy any GPS app for the iPhone (Navigon seems to work well, Sygic sucks)
    Use this for the mount:
    you can get it almost anywhere.
    it plays your music too over FM transmission.
    PS @Truth: multitask after jailbreak and install Backgrounder. Now you can blast your music while using any GPS app and hear everything through the car stereo.
  • @mech "Use this for the mount"
    Nice joke. That has to be the worst looking contraption I have ever see. Looks like it was pulled out of a WWII tank. Not only does it play your music over FM transmission, it sends Morse Code, has a handy pocket for your rations, and sends a distress signal back to HQ in Normandy if you get lost. At least it would keep any passengers howling with laughter.
  • I'd like to pay $150 for the pair... I'm willing to pay $199 for it if necessary. I'd buy the accessory simply for the fact it would allow easy mounting in the car and it looks slick, unlike some of these contraptions out there (I've actually used a mount similar to what @mech recommended... it broke in my cigarette lighter. You get what you pay for).
  • does anyone know if this will work with original iphone the pic on the website shows it but i havent read anything that says that?
  • Can you answer my question please? If you know please tell me
  • I guess I'm not that familiar with the app, but unless it updates with live traffic conditions (w/the kit), why wouldn't I just but another Garmin nuvi 205 for $100?
    My wife wants a gps of her own and this would be an option, but not at the prices being thrown out there ($150-200 plus subscription).
    I can update maps via USB or purchase new areas to store on an SD card, so I guess I'm not seeing the value here.
  • Just received an email from TomTom telling my the app is available (better late than never!), but no mention of when the car kit will be on sale or it's price.
    Will hold off until they sell as a bundle.
  • @ Jack Dodson
    to each his/her own. I have this and it works wonderfully. Cheap, functional, versatile. Why would I dish out $100 on something that can be done for $20?
    No one said you had to buy it.
  • HeadAcheJoe: Currently the TomTom app does not offer any of the Live services such as traffic, however there are also no subscription fees - just the one time payment for the app.
    Also, one advantage to using the iphone app is having an all in one device
    In regards to the map update, the app comes loaded with the latest map, so there is currently no need for an update. For the future a map update solution is currently being worked on, however there are no specific details at the moment.
  • TomTom CJ
    You said it doesnt currently have any live services, such as traffic, Is that something that is going to be added later? that is the main reason I would be willing to buy the application and mount. I wouls be willing to pay $250.00 for a package of both.
  • Will the TOMTOM kit support also 1st generation iPhone (2G) and not only 3G/3GS and iTouch?
  • I contacted tomtom to see if it will work with the iPod touch and they said no it will not
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