TomTom New Zealand

UPDATED: Here're the US deets: TomTom US & Canada [$99.99 - iTunes link], TomTom Australia [$79.99 - iTunes link], TomTom New Zealand [$94.99 - iTunes link]

TomTom [iTunes publisher link], the long-anticipated turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone is beginning to appear in international App Stores, starting with New Zealand and according to our tipsters, rolling across Australia and the UK.

Cost wise, the different versions (US & Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand) range in price from NZ$105 (US$70) to NZ$179 (US$120).

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Hopefully it will hit all the stores, including the US (and Canada!) sooner rather than later. If you find it in your local App Store, drop us a note in the comments. (Still no word, however, on the accompanying dock that was announced at WWDC 2009...)

[Thanks to Tyler from App Advice, David, Niall everyone who sent this in!]

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