Totallee Wireless Car Charger review: Charge conveniently

Totallee Wireless Car Charger
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iMore Verdict

Bottom line: This vent mount for your phone holds it securely and charges it wirelessly.


  • +

    Wireless charger

  • +

    Secure vent phone mount

  • +

    Opens and closes automatically or with a tap

  • +

    Streamlined good looks

  • +

    Fast charging up to 10 watts


  • -

    Glossy, reflective finish

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Totallee's Wireless Car Charger serves both as a secure car mount and a wireless charger for your iPhone or any other Qi-enabled smartphone. It opens and closes automatically or with a gentle tap. Access your iPhone without taking your eyes off the road, all while charging up so you're juiced up when you reach your destination.

Smooth moves

Totallee Wireless Car Charger: Features

Totallee Wireless Car Charger

Totallee Wireless Car Charger (Image credit: iMore)

This sleek car mount and charger clips into your car's vent. The ball-and-socket joint allows you to mount your phone at any angle. Point it left or right, turn it vertically or horizontally, whatever works for you. Then tighten the joint and your mount stays angled exactly how you want it.

The arms that hold the iPhone in place on either side glide closed automatically when you place your phone in the charger. When you turn off your car, the arms glide open. You can also operate the power arms with a gentle tap to the button on either side.

The charger must be plugged into your car, of course. If your car has a USB-A charging port, great, but if not, you'll need an adapter.

Place your iPhone into the cradle and watch the powered arms close around your phone.

The wireless charger is glossy, which looks great but presents some odd issues. First of all, it attracts fingerprints. Once you have the charger placed the way you want it, there's no reason to touch it, but it's something to be aware of. Second, it's reflective, so if you don't have a phone in it, you may be stuck seeing the reflection of whatever's going past your window as you drive.

The charger operates at speeds up to 10 watts (for certain phones, but iPhones can only use up to 7.5 watts), but it will depend on what you plug it into. When I plugged it into my 1.0 amp USB port, it charged pretty slowly.

For safety, the Totallee Wireless Car Charger has automatic foreign object detection. It only comes in black, which makes it fairly unobtrusive if you have a dark car interior. Totallee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

If you don't have Apple CarPlay in your car, the Totallee Wireless Car Charger offers a nice alternative. You can use your favorite mapping app hands-free, and visually check your progress with a mere flick of the eyes. You don't have to worry about the GPS eating up your iPhone's battery since it will be charging as you go. Any size smartphone should fit, even with a case. Of course, you must have a phone that is wireless-compatible. If you have an iPhone, you must have an iPhone 8 or newer for the wireless charging to work.

Auto-magic open and close

Totallee Wireless Car Charger: What I like

This is a cleverly designed car vent mount and wireless charger. I love the flexibility of being able to point my iPhone in the precise direction I want it, and being able to juice it up on the go. The coolest part, however, has to be the automatic arms. They grab my iPhone when I place it in the charger, and let it go when I arrive at my destination.

I've had issues with other car mounts sagging or just not holding my iPhone the way I want it. No issues here; the mount is both flexible and secure. It looks and feels great.

Totallee Wireless Car Charger

Totallee Wireless Car Charger (Image credit: iMore)

Tiny gripes

Totallee Wireless Car Charger: What I don't like

There really aren't any major problems with this charger. The charger's glossiness, while attractive, is an unnecessary distraction. I suppose I could point it another direction, but the way it sits in my car, it reflects the world going by. I can't not see it out of the corner of my eye. Plus, glossy surfaces show fingerprints. Of course, if my phone is in it, there's no issue.

Some people might think this car charger is pricey because it would be cheap to buy an inexpensive car mount and a charging cable. But you're paying for the convenience of charging wirelessly, and the power arms that hold it in place.

Ideal car charging

Totallee Wireless Car Charger: Bottom line

Totallee's Wireless Car Charger is an elegantly designed vent car mount plus wireless charger for iPhone and other smartphones. Attach it to your car's air vent and adjust the ball-and-socket joint any way you like it. Point it left or right, set it horizontally or vertically, whatever works best for you. Twist the neck to tighten it in exactly the spot you want it. Place your iPhone into the cradle and watch the powered arms close around your phone. Turn off the car and the arms release. Don't want to wait? Tap the release button on either side to power the arms open or closed anytime. When you arrive at your destination, your phone will be charged up and ready to go.

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