Toy Defense 2 hits the App Store, WW2 tower defense with toy soldiers

The original Toy Defense launched back in Spring 2012, offering a WW1 based tower defense game where all the fighting was conducted by toy soldiers. Fast forward 12 months and developers Melesta Games are back with a sequel -- Toy Defense 2. It's still tower defense, it's still toy soldiers, but we're in a new period of history. This time out, we're in WW2.

The 'Theaters of War' range from the French battleground of Normandy, through to the North African deserts. Actual battles from WW2 are recreated, so you and your toy soldiers can take part in Operation Overlord or the Battle of Stalingrad. Riflemen, airplanes, anti-aircraft guns, all are in your arsenal as you fight to keep out the enemy forces. As you dispose of said enemies, you earn money, which you get to spend upgrading your own armed forces.

The graphics in Toy Defense 2 are really nice. Environments are colorful, everything looks fun, and never does it feel like a chore to look at. The controls are blissfully simple, and it's a real pick-up-and-play kind of game. Available for iPhone and iPod Touch, there's also a HD version for iPad available. Both versions come in free and paid varieties, and as is often the way the paid version comes with more stuff to play with. We're going to play around with this one for a while, but for now, you can grab a copy from the download links below.

Richard Devine

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