Activity Monitor on MacSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Hot is a free open source app that tracks your CPU's temperature and whether it's being throttled due to heat.

Those M1 Macs might run cooler than a polar bear's behind but the same can't be said about those Intel chips most of us have crammed in our Macs. Thermal throttling is very much something that happens with the more powerful chips and a free open source menu bar app called Hot keeps track of whether that's happening.

A small app that's distributed under the terms of the MIT License, Hot is free for everyone with the source code available on Github. It has one job, but it does it well – Hot shows you how hot your CPU is and whether the system is throttling its speed to cope with any overheating.

Hot Menu Bar ScreenshotSource: iMore

That's all there is to it, really. The app shows your CPU's scheduler and speed limit as well as a graph to show the relationship between past speeds and temperatures – and it all lives in your menu bar, out of the way.

You can download Hot for free from the iMazing website. And really, why wouldn't you?