Transfer texts, contacts, music and more to your new phone for $20 with iMazing 2

iMazing on Mac
iMazing on Mac (Image credit: iMazing)

Nothing feels more satisfying than upgrading your old, sluggish iPhone to the latest flagship. However, the novelty will fade once you have to transfer all of your files to your new phone. iCloud lets you back up your data, but you’re only given 5GB of free storage, and you need to pay a monthly fee for additional storage. This is where iMazing 2 comes in handy, and you can buy a lifetime subscription for just $19.99.

iMazing 2 is a file management app for Mac and Windows that allows you to easily transfer data from your old iPhone to a new device. It lets you copy everything from system backups, old text conversations, music, and more using a simple drag & drop menu. Additionally, your data can be transferred between iPods and iPads, so if you have a music video on your iPad that you’d like on your phone, you can upload it easily. Best of all, your files can be transferred wirelessly, so no need to plug multiple devices in your computer just to transfer a single file.

A brand new phone calls for a new way to transfer your files and no tool handles this better than iMazing 2, which is currently on sale for $19.99, or 77% off.


iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows - $19.99

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