Triangle Strategy roster: How to recruit all playable characters to your team

Triangle Strategy Scales
Triangle Strategy Scales (Image credit: Square Enix)

During the course of Triangle Strategy's story, players will have the opportunity to encounter dozens of different playable characters, although you can only have a specific number of party members at any given time. Not to mention, the game is governed by convictions of Utility, Morality, and Liberty, so you might attract different characters to your side depending on the choices you make. From what we've been able to tell, there are 30 recruitable characters total, but it's impossible to get them all on your team within one playthrough. Here's how they stack up against each other and how to recruit them.

Triangle Strategy Character tier list

As a bonus, we've made this tier list based on our own experiences with Triangle Strategy characters. Most characters can be useful if the player employs the right tactics and has the right dynamic set up between teammates. It's also good to note that characters that aren't particularly powerful at first can become incredibly powerful if leveled up correctly.

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SSerenoa, Frederica, Anna, Erador, Ser Maxwell
ARoland, Narve, Lionel, Geela, Hughette, Benedict, Archibald, Avlora
BHossabara, Julio, Medina, Rudolph, Ezana, Piccoletta, Cordelia, Travis, Trish, Quahuag, Flanagan, Groma
CCorentin, Jens, Milo, Decimal

Character recruitment

Project Triangle Strategy Key Art (Image credit: Square Enix (screenshot))

While there are 30 playable characters in Triangle Strategy, they are unlocked in different ways. Some characters join your team based on a big story decision you make while others will only join your team if Serenoa's Conviction Requirements for Morality, Utility, and/or Liberty have been met. We have a separate guide on how to gain points on Morality, Utility, and Liberty if you'd like to check it out.

You earn points in these areas based on the decisions you make and the things you say throughout the course of your game. However, you cannot tell what kind of points your decisions will make nor can you check your current Conviction Requirements points at any time. This leads to a lot of replayability, which is one of the reasons Triangle Strategy is one of the best Nintendo Switch games out there.

How to recruit all playable characters in Triangle Strategy

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Serenoa Wolffort Starting Class: Swordsman
Starting Weapon: Longsword
Abilities: Delaying Strike, Pursuit Stance, Hawk Dive, Counter Stance, Sweeping Slash, Strength in Numbers
Aptitude: Has balanced offensive and defensive stats. He can lead a charge, but should have a supporter nearby.
How to recruit: Available from the start.
Benedict Pascal Starting Class: Tactician
Starting Weapon: Cane Sword
Abilities: Raging Beast, Bulwark, Bird of Prey, Now...!, Initial TP+, Twofold Turn
How to recruit: Available from the start.
Frederica Aesfrost Starting Class: Pyromancer
Starting Weapon: Tome of Fire
Abilities: Blessing of Fire, Scorch, Flame Shield, Blazing Chains, Fire Eater, Pillars of Fire.
How to recruit: Win "Beset by Brigands" battle.
Geela Breisse Starting Class: Physician
Starting Weapon: Rod
Abilities: Cure Wounds, For Those in Need, Haste, Sanctuary, Heal what Ails You, Mend Wounds
How to recruit: Win "Beset by Brigands" battle.
Roland Glenbrook Starting Class: Spear Knight
Starting Weapon: Lance
Abilities: Knight's Bane, Double Thrust, Rush, Opportune Attack, Pushback, Flash of Steel
How to recruit: Get to the "To Arms, Brave Warriors" battle in Chapter 2.
Hughette Bucklar Starting Class: Hawkbow
Starting Weapon: Shortbow
Abilities: Hawk's Bane, Binding Arrow, Fell Swoop, Shadowstitching Arrow, A Rise in Range, Focus
How to recruit: Get to the battle in Chapter 2 called, "To Arms, Brave Warriors."
Erador Ballentine Starting Class: Shieldbearer
Starting Weapon: Kite Shield
Abilities: Provoke, Sprint, Steelback, Ram Foe, Physical Counter, On the Attack
How to recruit: Get to the battle in Chapter 1 called "A Young Hawk Soars."
Anna Pascal Starting Class: Spy
Starting Weapon: Iron Dagger
Abilities: Act Twice, Throw Poison, Take Cover, Surmount, Slumber Stab, Remain and Recover
How to recruit: Get to the battle in Chapter 1 called "A Young Hawk Soars."
Corentin Jennar Starting Class: Cryomancer
Starting Weapon: Tome of Ice
Abilities: Blessing of ICe, Icy Breath, Frosty Fetters, Wall of Ice
How to recruit: Get to Part 2 of the Chapter 3 battle called "Apprehending the Rebels" after taking the Hyzante Route.
Rudolph Mueller Starting Class: Hunter
Starting Weapon: Longbow
Abilities: Straight Shot, Steel Trap, Fight or Flight, Thrill of the Hunt
How to recruit: Get to Part 2 of the Chapter 3 battle called "Subduing the Smugglers" after taking the Aesfrosti Route.
Hossabara Freyya Starting Class: Mounted Healer
Starting Weapon: Six-edged Staff
Abilities: Knight's Bane, Be Brave, Cleave, Trekking for TP, Pushback, Desperate Defense, Up and Up
Aptitudes: Heals alies within range and heals herself and an ally whenever she performs a follow-up attack.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required Conviction Requirements points of 275 Utility and 110 Liberty.
Julio Wrightman Starting Class: Advisor
Starting Weapon: Curved Blade
Abilities: Moment of Truth, Not on My Watch, K.O. TP+, Finish Them!, TP Barrier, Best Regards, Inheritor
Aptitude: Grants TP to allies and lowers enemy TP.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the 275 Morality and 110 Utility Conviction Requirements points.
Jens Macher Starting Class: Artisan
Starting Weapon: Hammer
Abilities: Spring Trap, Ladder, Constricting Net, Ensnaring the Enemy, Slumber Strike, Ladder II, Hale and Hearty
Aptitude: Places ladders to make shortcuts and sets both traps and automatic turrets.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required 275 Morality Conviction Requirements points.
Narve Oparyn Starting Class: Sage
Starting Weapon: Oak Rod
Abilities: Whirlwind, Sanctuary, Icy Breath, Spark, Pierce Defenses, Scorch, Extending Your Reach
Aptitude: Casts spells of every element and can change enemies' orientation using wind magic.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 110 Morality and 275 Liberty Conviction Requirements points.
Medina Alliam Starting Class: Apothecary
Starting Weapon: Knife
Abilities: HD Physick, Double Items, Long Toss, Poison Pellet, Fast-Acting Medication, TP Physick, Lady Luck
Aptitude: Increases potency of healing items and can use items twice in one turn.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 500 Morality and 400 Liberty Conviction Requirements points.
Lionel Khapita Starting Class: Wordsmith
Starting Weapon: Whip
Abilities: Charm, Ruffle Feathers, Lucky Find, Inciting Whispers, Brute Force, Treasure and HP, Endless Speech
Aptitude: Can infuriate foes or tempt them to defecting. Also collects an extra bit of coin along with spoils.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required Conviction Requirements points of 400 Utility.
Ezana Q'linka Starting Class: Shamaness
Starting Weapon: Spirit Master
Abilities: Rite of Lightning, Rite of Wind, Accursed Strike, Rite of Rain, Rite of Tempests, Pierce Defenses, Rite of Luck
Aptitude: Excels at wind and lightning magic. Also can summon rainstorms and tempests to turn the tide of battle.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 400 Utility and 500 Liberty Conviction Requirements points.
Archibald Genoe Starting Class: Bow Adept
Starting Weapon: Bow of Serenity I
Abilities: Edged Arrow, Sniper, Arrow Spray, Second Sight, Sticky Arrow, Inescapable Arrow, A Swift End
Aptitude: Deals more damage to distant enemies and his bow has increased range.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 400 Morality and 500 Utility Conviction Requirements points.
Groma Jurgina Starting Class: Brawler
Starting Weapon: Fists of Destruction
Abilities: Evade Detection, Sweeping Kick, Eliminate and Evade, Energy Wave, Lure In, Cross Counter, Desperate Evasion
Aptitude: Counterattacks when evading a physical attack and can slip deftly between foes.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required Conviction Requirements points of 1,050 Utility and 750 Liberty.
Flanagan Grutte Starting Class: Hawkshield
Starting Weapon: Rook Shield
Abilities: Hawk's Bane, Shielding Stance, Fortify, Ironclad, Shield Bash, Aerial Assault, Safe Haven
Aptitude: Draws the enemy's attacks and stands strong against head-on attacks.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 1,050 Morality and 750 Utiilty Conviction Requirements points.
Decimal Starting Class: Mathematician
Starting Weapon: Telescope
Abilities: Automaton's Artifice, Charge TP (Passive), Target HP3, Target HP4, Target HP5, Assist TP0, Target Height 5+
Aptitude: Immune to status ailments and possesses abilities with wide range that trigger depending on the target's HP or TP.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 1,600 Morality Conviction Requirements points.
Giovanna Koppel Starting Class: Geologist
Starting Weapon: Pickaxe of Passion
Abilities: Trekking for TP, Rock Toss, Ivy Beam, Splash, TP to Power, Scorched Earch, Gelid Barrage
Aptitude: Her usable abilities change with the terrain under her feet and the greater her TP, the greater her attack power.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 1,600 Liberty Conviction Requirements points.
Quahaug Starting Class: Clairvoyant
Starting Weapon: Space-Time Scepter
Abilities: Remain and Recover, Time Compression, Turn Back Time, In Due Course, Warped Space, Stop Time, Distorted Space
Aptitude: Can increase allies' speed and can return the battlefield to the way it was 1 turn ago.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired 1,600 Utility Conviction Requirements points.
Piccoletta Starting Class: Acrobat
Starting Weapon: Racquet
Abilities: Item Launcher, Decoy, Intensive Items, Ball Toss, Illusion Vanished, Switch Places
Aptitude: Increases the range of offensive items and can summon a decoy of herself.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required Conviction Requirements points of 450 Liberty.
Milo Yuelle Starting Class: Dancer
Starting Weapon: Shadow Fan
Abilities: Green Mist, Blue Night, Instinct, Moon Jump, Heart Stealer, Evade Detection, Stardust
Aptitude: Inflicts a variety of status ailments on foes and slips between enemy units.
How to recruit: If you choose to return to Wolffort in Chapter 15, she'll join your party.
Cordelia Glenbrook Starting Class: Cleric
Starting Weapon: Silver Rod
Abilities: Regen, Heal, Rest and Recover TP, Healing Region, Helping Hand, Elude, Self-Sacrifice
Aptitude: Can perform a variety of powerful healing spells, but some require a sacrifice.
How to recruit: Choose to go with Roland in Chapter 15 to add her to your party.
Ser Maxwel Trier Starting Class: Dawnspear
Starting Weapon: Gungnir
Abilities: Counter Stance, Triple Thrust, Run Through, Lance Hurl, Two Birds One Stone, Traverse, Revive
Aptitude: Specializes in mid-range attacks and possesses multiple powerful abilities.
How to recruit: Serenoa must have acquired the required Conviction Requirements points of 750 Morality and 1050 Liberty before reaching Chapter 15.
Travis Starting Class: Boss
Starting Weapon: Thief's Cudgel
Abilities: Backward Toss, Steelback, On Your Guard, Impeding Strike, Mug, Fortuitous, Trial by Fire
Aptitude: Deals damage when picking pockets and has powerful offensive abilities.
How to recruit: You must have kicked out the Roselle in Chapter 11 and then choose Visit the Roselle in Chapter 15 to have him join your team.
Trish Starting Class: Treasure Chaser
Starting Weapon: Thief's Shortbow
Abilities: Blessing of Fire, Flaming Arrow, Leap, Item Gatherer, Plundering Shot, Bullseye, No Honor
Aptitude: Leaps across large distances and acquires spoils on contact.
How to recruit: If you didn't kick out the Roselle in Chapter 11 and then Visit the Roselle in Chapter 15 she'll join your team.
Avlora Starting Class: Dark General
Starting Weapon: Berserker III
Abilities: Desperate Defense, Risky Manuever, Desperate Strike, No Escape, Spare No Effort, Prevail and Power Up, Lone Wolf
Aptitude: Stats increase when HP is low and has incredibly powerful attacks.
How to recruit: Will join you in Chapter 17 if you go the Golden Route.

You won't be able to recruit all of the playable characters in any playthrough of the game since some of them can only be acquired by taking specific actions. However, you can replay the game and work to unlock specific characters to try out a new group.

The best of the best

The characters that make up your team will greatly influence what kind of attacks you can do and what strategies you can employ. Fortunately, permadeath is not a thing in Triangle Strategy, so you don't have to worry about any of the characters you recruit dying forever based on your decisions.

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