Turn your iPad into a games console with Joypad Games Console and Controller

If you yearn for the days when you had a console plugged into your TV and a gamepad to play it with then this particular app combo may be for you. The guys at Joypad have released two apps that work hand in hand to deliver a console like experience to iPad and iPhone or iPod touch users. You install the Joypad Game Console on your iPad and the Joypad Game Controller on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Joypad Game Console is your dashboard for all Joypad Enabled games. Joypad Enabled games can be played on your iPad using your iPhone as the game controller. Install this app on your iPad, then install "Joypad Game Controller" on your iPhone. The two applications will find each other over WiFi and sync up. A controller will appear on your phone, which you can use to navigate the dashboard. When you launch a game, a controller specifically built for that game will appear. Plug your iPad into a TV for an even better experience.

Once you have the two free apps installed you can scroll through a number of games using your iPhone and then you will have to buy them within the app if you want to play them. The list isn’t too bad at launch with a good selection of playable games. The developers of the Joypad app combo have also released an SDK to allow game other developers to offer support for the Joypad Game Console and Joypad Game Controller. This is where the success of the apps will be determined; if there is a good take up and other developers support the apps then this could be an excellent solution.

Can you see yourself using a system like this? If you try it out, let us know what you think!


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