Tweet7 is one of the best iOS 7 inspired Twitter experiences you could ask for

Tweet7 is a new Twitter client by Halcyon Mobile, the makers of finance and budget app Dollarbird. With transparent menus, matching fonts, and a completely gesture driven interface, no space is wasted on menus and buttons.

The first thing you notice about Tweet7 is the face that it's clearly made for iOS 7. With opaque menus that show the layers underneath, you immediately know you're in a sub menu. To get back to your main timeline, just swipe back to the right.

The only menu bar in Tweet7 is a blue bar that runs along the right of the screen. You'll notice that it goes from dark blue to light blue. These three sections represent your mentions, direct messages, and profile. Swiping to the left in any one of these menus brings up the corresponding section. Just swipe right to return again to the main timeline view.

Tweet7 also features inline image views that are large and gorgeous. There's really no reason to even maximize images unless you really want to see the full version. Some people will love this feature while others may feel like it takes up a lot of space and results in more scrolling. I can see both arguments. Fortunately, if you fall in the latter group you can easily turn off inline images in the Settings menu which is accessible via your profile page.

Tapping on any tweet in your timeline gives you the normal options you'd expect to find from reply, retweet, favorite, and retweet with comment. You can view all your lists in Tweet7 as well through your profile page.

The good

  • If you're a fan of iOS 7, you'll love the interface
  • Complete gesture driven
  • A great option for new Twitter users that don't need insanely advanced features and don't care for the official Twitter app
  • Inline images are gorgeous, and if you don't like them, you can turn them off

The bad

  • No native push notifications
  • Sometimes auto-correct doesn't seem to work when composing tweets

The bottom line

If you want to see what a Twitter app made by Apple themselves would look like, look no further than Tweet7. It's simple, minimalistic, and will provide more than enough functionality for anyone but power users. The only thing I'd really like to see added in a future update is native push notifications.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.