Due to some unfortunate legal drama, the highly conversational Twitter app formerly known as Quip is now known as Tweetglass, and it's been given a 1.1 update and some new features to go along with the new name.

  • View your Twitter Lists
  • Streaming (over wifi, when auto-refresh is on in Settings)
  • Auto-refresh intervals of 1, 5 or 10min (or manual refresh)
  • A new ‘Who’s tweeting’ notification UI which lets you see who is posting new tweets without having to change your position in the timeline
  • Read Later services (Instapaper, Pocket and Readability) via long-tapping links, which also includes Copy link, Open link and Open in Safari options
  • Localizations for French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Better timeline scrolling performance
  • Native Twitter pics are larger and show more detail
  • Double-tap the Messages icon to mark all as read
  • New animation when expanding and collapsing conversations
  • When set to auto-refresh (which changes to streaming when there is a wifi network), new tweets appear above if you’re partway through your timeline, but if you’re at the very top, they push everything else down so you can keep it open at your desk and go hands-free
  • UI tweaks & bug fixes
  • Please also note that the app’s Twitter account has changed from @getquip to @tweetglassapp.

I use Tweetglass the way I used to use personal RSS -- to sit down with, coffee in hand, and just read interesting conversations and enjoy interesting pictures and links from the people that interest me. It's not my on-the-go, get-things done Twitter client, it's my leave-me-alone-for-a-few-minutes, just-relax Twitter client. And priced at just $0.99, it's an incredible value. (It's plastered and painted by Glasshouse apps, how could it not be?)

Tweetglass is also one of those niche apps, like Birdhouse and Reportage before it, that really show the value of Twitter when great developers are allowed to create great new approaches to the service. Unfortunately, Twitter seems intent on quadrant-ing and token-ing just these kinds of apps to death, so please join me in bugging @glasshouseapps to get Netglass up and running as fast as possible...

$0.99 - Download now

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