Looks like Tweetie 2 is gone from the App Store and that could mean its anticipated renaming and relaunch as Twitter for iPhone is nigh.

Atebits's Loren Brichter, the developer behind Tweetie, announced just over a month ago that Twitter was buying Tweetie as their official iPhone app and he was joining their mobile division, and that not only would the Mac version continue (users are eagerly waiting for Tweetie for Mac 2), an iPad version was also on its way.

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TechCrunch teases that a new Twitter for iPhone, if it is indeed launched today-ish, could even be a universal binary that works for both iPhone and iPad.

While we wait and see, let us know if you're not a current Tweetie user, will it going all official (and free) prompt you to switch or at least give it a try? (And what will that mean for