Twelve South AirSnap ProSource: Twelve South

What you need to know

  • AirSnap Pro is Twelve South's new AirPods Pro leather case.
  • It protects the AirPods Pro Charging Case, but looks cool as it does it.
  • the case is available in three colors.

Twelve South has started taking pre-orders for its AirSnap Pro case for AirPods Pro. The case is leather and has a clip to make it easier to attach to your belt loop, bag, or just about anything.

And if you're wondering whether you can still charge your AirPods Pro while they're in the case, fear not. Both wireless charging and Lightning cable options remain available to you.

AirSnap Pro is a leather case designed to protect, carry and charge your AirPods Pro + Wireless Charging Case. Tucked inside AirSnap, your AirPods Pro Wireless Charging Case is protected, while allowing you to charge AirPods Pro wirelessly or via Lightning Cable. Use the removable AirSnap S-clip to attach your AirPods Pro to a backpack, purse or attach your gym pass or keys to the handy clip. We also include a nylon wristlet for a third way way to keep your AirPods Pro close to you.

You can order your new AirSnap Pro leather case in Black, Cognac, or Slate Blue colors with free shipping across the United States available if you order from the Twelve South website (via 9to5Mac). The cases will also be available via Amazon in due course, as are other Twelve South products.

The AirSnap Pro will cost $39.99 and is expected to begin shipping towards the end of December.

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