Twelve South SurfacesnapSource: Twelve South

What you need to know

  • Twelve South has announced the SurfaceSnap cable management accessory.

The more tech we put into our homes the more cables that come with it. Cabling mess is one of the worst kinds of mess and Twelve South's new SurfaceSnap is trying to fix that with leather and metal rather than the usual foam or plastic we're used to.

The SurfaceSnap is a cool little leather thing that holds your cables where they need to be. The holders themselves stick to surfaces via the included adhesive.

SurfaceSnap reinvents cable management in the form of elegant leather bands with button snaps. Attached to nearly any surface, SurfaceSnap keeps charging and computer cables tidy and from slipping to the floor. You can attach these thin leather bands to monitors or stands like Curve for MacBook. Adding and removing cables to SurfaceSnap is literally a snap. SurfaceSnap's strong adhesive leaves no trace when removed. Available in Black or Dove Grey, each SurfaceSnap pack includes two single and one double-winged cable organizer.

Twelve South Surfacesnap UsageSource: Twelve South

Each pack includes two single and one double-winged SurfaceSnap and you can choose between white and black versions to make sure you match your overall aesthetic.

SurfaceSnap is made of genuine leather for an elegant polished look that complements the surface it's attached to. Unlike bulky, clunky cable managers that use weight to hold cables in place, the ultra-thin SurfaceSnap secures cables with a metal button snap. Neatly organize your workspace with cable management you'll want to see.

Having leather cable tidies might be the most Apple thing I've ever heard of, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can order your SurfaceSnap accessories now for $29.99 per pack.

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