Twitpic iOS app shut down but Twitter will keep domain and pictures online

The journey of the Twitpic online photo service has apparently reached an end. After a trademark dispute with Twitter, the service said it was shutting down in September, but later it claimed it had found a company willing to buy them and keep Twitpic going. Then that deal apparently evaporated. Today, Twitpic announced that Twitter has now agreed to take over its domain and, more importantly, will keep all of Twitpic's old photos online.

That's the good news. The bad news is that while the domain and old images will remain online, no new pictures can be uploaded. The iOS and Android apps have also been removed from their storefronts. Users can still login to their profile to delete any of their old images or delete their account and they can export and download their photos and data.

Do you feel this arrangement between Twitpic and Twitter is a good one?

Source: Twitpic

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