Twitter for iPhone and iPad just got an update and the big news is -- push notifications. This has been a highly desired feature for a very long time. At the moment, push notifications for the official Twitter app are only available for @mentions and direct messages.

Interestingly, Twitter does not include push notifications in the release notes. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Twitter asking for permission to send push notifications when launching for the first time after the install. Was this intentional?

I know there are some users who have refused to use the official Twitter app because it did not offer push notifications. If you're one of those users, is this enough to make the switch?

Who's excited for this feature? Do you plan to enable push notifications from Twitter or will you stick with a third party solution such as Boxcar?

UPDATE: Twitter has updated the change log to include push notifications for @mentions and messages.

UPDATE 2: Twitter has been updated again. Go get