Twitter begins testing autoplay videos on iOS

The feature works similar to Facebook's implementation and applies to video ads, user uploaded videos, and clips from Twitter's Amplify program. AdAge, citing an unnamed source, reports that Twitter is testing the two different variants of the autoplay feature:

In one prong of the experiment, some people will see entire videos automatically play in a loop, while in the other, users will see looping 6-second autoplay previews teasing a video, the person said. Both formats will play the videos on mute. If people click on either video format, the video will expand to full-screen and play with sound.

This move is just the latest step in Twitter's ambitions to further monetize the micro-blogging platform. Enabling autoplay for videos in a user's newsfeed could potentially give advertisers and content creators an unimpeded route to more views by bypassing the click-to-play barrier.

It's unclear how wide the test is right now, but there's a chance you could start seeing autoplay videos in your feed soon as Twitter looks to gauge user reaction to the feature.

Source: AdAge

Dan Thorp-Lancaster