Twitter for iPhone and iPad improves Search and Discover

Twitter for iPhone and iPad has been updated with improved Discover, Search, Connect, and more. Discover now suggests Tweets, Activity, and Trends, Search has improved relevancy, Connect now focuses on interactions, and links in Tweets are directly tappable.

The Tweets, Activity, and Trends in Discover appear in a single stream with previews at the top and suggested users to follow at the top. Search results are also displayed as a single stream and the search button has been added to all the screens making it easy to search regardless of where you are in the app.

When you visit the Connect tab, Twitter now displays all interactions including new followers, retweets, and mentions. This is pretty cool, but if you prefer to only see mentions, you can change the default in Twitter's settings.

Lastly, before this update, if you tapped on link in a Tweet, it would first expand and require a second tap to visit the website. Now, you only need to tap the link once. Less taps is always better!

There are also various bug fixes and improvements included in this update.

Twitter for iPhone users, what do you think of this new update?

Source: Twitter blog

Leanna Lofte

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