Twitter just terminated its abandoned Mac app

Twitter on Mac
Twitter on Mac (Image credit: iMore)

Twitter has just announced it's dumping its Mac app.

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Twitter for Mac started as Tweetie for Mac, the brilliant native client from former Apple OpenGL engineer Loren Brichter. Twitter bought Tweetie, hired Brichter... and promptly did not much else. A while ago, Twitter outsourced a new, fully AppKit version of the app from a well known Mac development house... and promptly did not much else with it as well.

So, yay. Better no app than an abandoned one or, worse, some hideous cross-platform Electron app.

The good news is, there are a couple of excellent third-party Twitter apps for Mac.

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There's also Tweetdeck, but it's owned by Twitter so, who knows how long it'll be supported on Mac.

Let me know what you'll be using.

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