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Twitter to remove 140 character limit for DMs in July

Currently, users have a 140 character limit for both tweets and direct messages, but in July Twitter will be removing that limitation from direct messages. The company has announced the new change, along with an updated API for developers. By announcing it early, and providing documentation for developers, the company hopes that when they launch the feature in July all apps will be ready to support it.

As for the launch, it is not noted exactly when the new functionality will go live. Developers can begin adding the support now, and Twitter will be providing an update with how developers can begin testing for it.

Source: Twitter

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  • This just in: Twitter becomes halfway useful. Story at 6.
  • Twitter is my favorite social network, it does what it says on the tin, you can socialize. No one is posting huge paragraphs of pointless information, it's succinct information so you can quickly see what everyone's doing, everything is in chronological order unlike Facebook where people fish for likes to get their post seen. If it weren't for having friends that only use Facebook, I would only use Twitter
  • Twitter is garbage for anything other than following Sports Events or other popular Live Events (Award Shows, etc.). Typically I will join during a major competition and then deactivate my account immediately afterwards, just so that I can view the Live Tweet Streams on my while I watch it. It's good for journalists following breaking events, too. Other than that, it's not much different from Facebook. People still post tons of memes there, except they have no Algorithm to phase much of it out (which Facebook seems to be doing a lot better these days - though I'm not even on Facebook anymore). It's full of people fishing for Favorites (analogous to "Likes" on FB) or Retweets (analogous to "Re-Shares" on FB) to get notice. Really, the issue you're complaining about on FB is the same on Twitter, except worse because of the way the Twitter feed works. In addition to that, Twitter is a bit more spammy than Facebook due to the 140 Character limit. People who have longer posts are constantly posting 2-5 tweets in a row to get it all out there. Conversations/Replies are still horrible to follow. They were 5 steps behind the entire industry in everything, and they don't seem to put enough work into their software. They were hostile to 3rd party developers, meanwhile they pay little attention to their Desktop Clients, and their mobile Clients aren't anything to write home about. They removed Image Previews when sharing from external services like Instagram and Flickr, which make it a royal Pain in the Ass to view this content from Twitter (constantly jumping out to external websites). They took forever and a day to implement their own Photo Sharing, which basically handed that market over to Instagram. Then, they allowed Instagram to beat them on Video Uploads. They took forever to make a useful messaging product. Yes, there are people who post huge paragraphs of uselessness on Facebook. There are also people who post tweets so vague that no one can even fathom WTF they're talking about. However, it's not just about your opinion. It's about how complete, developed, and open the service is to the broadest user base. Facebook has been pretty quick to pivot and develop/flesh out new features in response to market forces. Twitter has been molasses, and they're still sitting around with their thumbs up their behind wondering why most of their users don't even tweet. It's because Twitter is all about clique, and that's not fun for a lot of people. I doubt this will change much for them, because they wanted too long and other messaging services are too freaking dominant at this point.
  • You must be following the wrong people, I don't follow people who write 5 tweets because they can't fit them in one, and yeah some people still fish for favorites or retweets, but you can just scroll right past it, unlike Facebook where it keeps popping up at the top of your feed because someone has liked it or someone has posted it. People could keep retweeting it but you can always get a custom Twitter client (another advantage of Twitter) to hide retweets. I personally think the Twitter Feed works much better than Facebook's, but that's just my opinion. I think they take a long time to implement things because people on Twitter are happy with the way things are, they don't want to push people away like Facebook does with it's annual complete design overhauls
  • Good news!
  • This is a smart move. Twitter is used by many businesses, and the 140 character DM limit is very frustrating. It also put Twitter at a disadvantage compared to Facebook for interacting privately w/customers. This is good news for business. Sent from the iMore App