Twitter is rolling out an update to introduce group messaging and video support

Twitter has today announced two new features coming to the micro-blogging service. Group messaging and video upload support will be rolling out in an update for official apps on both iOS and Android.

There are times when you require a personal platform to converse with a group of select recipients, and services like Skype and WhatsApp have proven to be worthy of a download. Twitter is looking to get in on the group action by supporting personal direct messaging with multiple contacts.

Twitter users aren't required to follow one another to be able to communicate in a grouped instance (it would surely make it challenging to start up a session if one had to ensure everyone was correctly "followed"). Notifications are received by those who have been invited to a group chat and once connected you're good to go.

Capture and share those special moments

As well as adding the above group chat feature, Twitter will also implement the ability for users to upload and share video. The social network is clearly gunning for its rivals with this latest feature, allowing folk to add up to 30 seconds worth of film to a tweet. There are some things 140 characters simply can't cover effectively.

It's a handy feature similar to what's available through Twitter-owned Vine, but with the advantage of slightly longer record times. If you happen to be preparing for an interesting moment, you'll now be able to record and share video without leaving the Twitter app.

As noted already, Twitter will be rolling out an update for the iOS app soon.

Source: Twitter

Rich Edmonds