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Twitter said to be considering 10,000 character limit for tweets

According to a new report, it appears as though the team at Twitter may be gearing up to raise the limit as to how many characters you can have per tweet. Currently, tweets are able to contain 140 characters, but thanks to an internal project, codenamed "Beyond 140," that limit may jump as high as 10,000. Twitter recently raised the limit of characters in direct messages from 140 to 10,000, and people have been asking for the tweet limit to be raised as well. From Recode:

Twitter is building a new feature that will allow users to tweet things longer than the traditional 140-character limit, and the company is targeting a launch date toward the end of Q1, according to multiple sources familiar with the company's plans. Twitter is currently considering a 10,000 character limit, according to these sources.

While 140 characters may not always be enough to get your message out there, 10,000 seems like quite an unnecessary jump from Twitter. With a launch date aiming for the end of Q1, there is still plenty of time for this change to be modified before it's rolled out to users. Would you want that many characters, or is that just overkill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Recode

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  • 10,000? that is a bit too much?
  • I don't want to read people's novels full of bs.... We have Facebook for this!
  • Exactly my thoughts.
  • It's 10,000 characters, not 10,000 words. It won't be that much. Remember: periods, spaces, commas, etc. all count as "characters"
  • Right. It’s merely tweets being 71 times longer than they currently are. Not that much at all.
  • With an increase in the limit, we can finally have intelligent conversations in Twitter. If I wrote the word "intelligent" as it stands now, I couldn't write much else because it takes 11 characters just to write that one word. I'm tired of seeing "ppl" on Twitter, with a character increase people are free to type out the full word "people" and we can better determine who the idiots are (they would be the ones not using full sentences, once the character increase happens).
  • woah, great perception. I never even thought about this view. With more characters, would it encourage people to use less slang and promote complete and coherent tweets? I would like to see on study on this.
  • No matter what is the character limit, Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber will still post mind-rot.
  • Bieber already does full length posts by posting images of text. So that's a really good example against all the whiners saying a 10,000 character limit is too much... people are already bypassing 140 and posting large tweets, this would just make it better for blind people that use screen readers (since you can't get text on an image read back to you). So everyone complaining that 10,000 characters are too much, you all hate blind people.
  • Eh… what? People post images of text on Facebook and every other social network as well. Adding more characters does not make it easier for blind people LOL
  • Then it would be better to have a word limit. You can write full words but keep it short still
  • Way too much!! I agree.......10,000 is overkill.
  • So they're going to end Twitter as we know it, and replace it with... blogs? Well, that's sure to end well.
  • Twitter has been referred to as a "micro blog" so it's always been a blog of some sort.
  • It's the "micro" part that some of us really enjoy.
  • It's the micro part that makes it Twitter
  • Please no! I don't want that Twitter turns to Facebook! Sent from the iMore App
  • If we were going to up the limit, make it like 1000 or 1400 or something. Otherwise you are just reinventing Tumblr.
  • How about just doubling or tripling the current limit (even x3 sounds excessive).
  • Wow, 10,000 characters of narcissistic bull crap. Remember that means 10,000 characters ads too. Just what the world needs. On the upside, ppl [p-e-o-p-l-e] will spend more time writing, and less time posting. :-)
  • How is that an upside? I want people I like to follow to post frequently
  • The entire POINT of Twitter - a microblog - was brevity... share info and get your point across quickly. A jump to 500 characters (if anything) seems more reasonable. 10k? It becomes something else. Contrary to belief, raising the limit won't alleviate grammar and "txt-tlk" issues. Sent from the iMore App
  • Agreed - 500 is more reasonable
  • I don't even think 500 is necessary. I would be fine with 280.
  • Why have a limit at all at that point? Once I have to scroll past a 10,000 character rant about Pumpkin Spice, I will probably destroy everyone near me.
  • Me too.
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! I'll abandon Twitter if this happens. I don't need a novel, I just need a note.
  • Then go ahead and leave a not :D I am sure no one will write that much. But some people ( like celebs) do have to write that much sometimes ( u know..apologize publicly and such :D ) So yeah....I for one find it better as once i tried to write a few words in plus and could not write it any differently no matter how much i tried change is good :D
  • Not when change is going away from the main idea of Twitter
  • That would actually be quite awesome!
  • I've long thought the 140 character limit would be fine if Twitter would raise the limit on "control" characters. So 140 characters for your message, but short link URLs, @usernames and #hashtags have their own character limit (500 I think would be plenty). This keeps the brevity but addresses the ever growing length of usernames and the increase in hashtag usage.
  • I definitely don't think the limit needs to be 10,000. I would agree with the idea of tripling the number or making links, hashtags, and other things like this its own character count. These are the things that push the character count up. Sent from the iMore App
  • They definitely need to go beyond 140 but 10,000 is way too much!! I would take 300!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I feel that 10,000 characters is way to much. With that many characters, how would Twitter be any different than Facebook? Some of us (such as myself) prefer Twitter over Facebook, and I feel that expanding it to 200-400 characters would make much more sense.
  • Sometimes you would like more characters, but 10,000 maybe to much. If they would allow it, I can see websites and news services posting full articles. Where it goes do hill is people writing negative commits, or manifestos. So I think Twitter will have to pay more attention what is posted. The good thing this may make people stop and think what they are posting. Sent from the iMore App
  • Seems like the sane thing to do at first (as many other are suggesting on uh, Twitter), would be to exempt @ mentions and links from the 140 character limit. There's value in the brevity that Twitter forces.
  • Oh God... This is why I hate Facebook.
  • I like Twitter being 140 characters. Keeps messages succinct. Twitter will become like Facebook Sent from the iMore App
  • 10k is a little excessive. 1k is plenty. 500 really.