Twitter Suspends Most International SMS Service

Sorry, TiPb lovers in the UK. Actually, sorry TiPb lovers everywhere except the US, Canada, and India: you can't really follow us on Twitter anymore -- at least via SMS. See, Twitter can't pay those international SMS fees anymore:

In a statement, the company said that when you send one message to Twitter and they send it to ten followers, the users haven't been charged ten times - and Twitter picked up the costs.

The good news is that Twitter does intend on restoring service with new, country-specific short codes that don't cost quite as much. In the meantime, best head on over to the App Store and download your favorite Twitter App. Oh, and stick to using it over WiFi, we can't be held responsible for your data charges for the 2000 (but not 2001) people you're following. Yeah, as much as we love to complain about AT&T, unlimited data is nice.

Dieter Bohn