Judge not the Twitterrific 5.0.2 update by its point size. More than just the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks are contained within. The Iconfactory has added inline image previews that, when tapped upon, launch a new, chrome-less image viewer that still lets you pinch to zoom and long press to get additional options. You also get the new full screen browser and simple reading modes, including Instapaper and Readability, and a new gesture to re-tweet with comment -- just tap and hold the re-tweet button.

Then there's the new timeline search. Besides Tweets and People, you can now choose the History tab. Type in a word and Twitterrific will find it referenced in any tweets in your timeline. Lastly, but certainly not least, VoiceOver will now read the Load More button, and tweets get loaded in batches of 50 instead of 100.

And if you'd rather hear hall-of-famer Gedeon Maheux show you all of those features, instead of me just telling you about them, watch the video below.

Twitterrific 5.0.2 is a free update, of course, and available now via the App Store. If you haven't bought it yet, here's your link:

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