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What you need to know

  • Two Apple executives are moving on from the company
  • Nick Forlenza, VP of manufacturing design is due to retire.
  • Duco Pasmooij, who reports to the head of augmented reality, is also discussing an exit.

Two Apple executives, Nick Forlenza and Duco Pasmooij are moving on from the company,

According to a report from Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. has lost a pair of veteran executives who worked in the manufacturing, supply chain and operations group and were key participants in the production of many of the company's major devices.

Nick Forlenza, a vice president of manufacturing design, has retired from Apple, while Duco Pasmooij, another vice president who worked on operations, is discussing an exit in the near future, according to people familiar with the moves. Pasmooij left the operations team over a year ago, moving into a role reporting to the company's head of augmented reality efforts, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing personnel.

As the report notes, Apple has around 100 vice presidents in its operation who help Tim Cook run the show. Forlenza worked for the company as an executive in charge of manufacturing design, covering areas such as Apple's supply chains and areas such as production processes and manufacturing equipment.

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Pasmooij previously worked to lead the production operations for Apple's iPhone and more recently was working as a report to the head of augmented reality at Apple, Mike Rockwell.

Whilst Apple's supply chain has taken some real punishment due to the coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks, sources "familiar with the matter" say that none of the personnel moves have been triggered by recent disruption.