Arttext Header ArtSource: BeLight Software

What you need to know

  • Art Text 4.1 adds support for new vector drawing tools including Pen, Move, and more.
  • 300 new vector icons and shapes have been added.
  • An additional 137 shapes for badge design are also part of the update.

Popular publishing, typography, and graphic design app Art Text has just received a big version 4.1 update and it brings with it a ton of new features and changes.

At the top of the list of improvements is the addition of new vector drawing tools including "Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, Reverse Path Direction." An additional 20 new badge and logo design templates have also been added, as have 137 shapes for badge design.

On top of that, developer BeLight Software has also added a massive 300 new vector icons and shapes to the app, too.

Art Text is graphic design software for Mac that brings text effects, typography, and logo design to the next level. With its intuitive design toolkit, graphic presets, and typography templates you will create flashy headings for all your desktop publishing projects, logos, websites, instantly produce 3D text and 3D titles, and even make eye-catching captions for social media posts.

Available from the Art Text website as well as the App Store, Art Text 4 "powers up typography and lettering" whether you're creating images for the web or print. Judging by the App Store reviews, I'd suggest that Art Text might be one of the best Mac apps for creating and manipulating text that I've seen. Especially at a price of just $29.99.

The updated Art Text is available as a free download for existing users, while those new to the app can pick it up for $29.99. There's also a free trial available if you download the app from the Art Text website, too.