Best TV Stands and Cabinets iMore 2021

Whether you've just picked up a new flatscreen, have moved to a new place and need a new stand, or are just wanting to spruce up your living room with a fancy cabinet, there are plenty of awesome TV stand and cabinet options out there. Here are the best of the best available!

Furinno TV Stand

Affordable and reliable: Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Entertainment TV Stand

If you're looking for a highly rated TV stand that won't break the bank or take up a ton of room, then you might want to take a peek at the Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Entertainment TV Stand. This particular stand is super simple and requires no tools for assembly. It weighs about 20 pounds and comes with very basic shelving for your consoles, controllers, DVDs, and more.

£37 at Amazon
FITUEYES Floor TV stand

For small spaces: FITUEYES Floor TV Stand

FITUEYES Floor TV Stand is the perfect entertainment stand for those who live in tight spaces within the big city. There are three shelves to use for set-top boxes, game consoles, routers, and modems. Also, this tv stand can turn 60 degrees each direction with the added feature of being able to adjust the height.

£65 at Amazon
FITUEYES Table TV stand

Keep it simple and functional: FITUEYES Table TV Stand

Are you looking for a TV stand that won't take up a ton of room and that'll allow you to move your TV to face a couple of different directions? Then take a look at the FITUEYES Table TV Stand. This minimal TV mount and stand allows you to turn your TV 40 degrees in each direction without twisting the base. This stand can carry TVs up to 88 pounds.

£38 at Amazon
SELSEY HUGO Modern TV Cabinet

Rustic appeal: SELSEY HUGO Modern TV Cabinet

For those looking to add a little rustic appeal to your home, should love this TV cabinet. SELSEY's modern tv cabinet not only delivers a Lancaster Oak finish but enough shelve space for all your entertainment needs, including two glass shelves with fancy, LED lighting, along with a front panel that hides a sizable amount of storage space.

£117 at Amazon
DOSLEEPS Wooden TV Stand

Wooden durability with extra room: DOSLEEPS Wooden TV Stand

Thing is with TV stands; they need to be not only sturdy enough to let your television sit on top but hold enough room to display or put away your equipment. Luckily, DOSLEEPS wooden stand checks those items off the list. It has a sturdy wooden foundation that scores high in durability, so you need not worry about quick wear and tear.

£70 at Amazon

Which TV stand is best?

While you may have found the perfect TV, picking out a stand can be a bit more complicated — there's just so much to consider! We love the more rustic and classic look of the SELSEY HUGO Modern TV Cabinet should be right up your alley, as it delivers extra storage space and a sturdy wooden exterior.

If you prefer a more modern look then the FITUEYES Floor TV Stand doesn't take up much room, but is a great addition to any room. Regardless of whichever stand or cabinet you like or don't like, we hope this list at least helped in your search for something new. Good luck!

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