Ukrainian man tracks Russian troops using AirPods stolen by soldiers

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What you need to know

  • A Ukrainian man has been using his stolen AirPods to track Russian troops.
  • Vitaliy Semenets used 'Find My' to follow his stolen AirPods from his home in Hostomel.
  • They revealed the movement of troops being redeployed in Belgorod for an assault on the Donbas.

A Ukrainian man whose AirPods were looted by Russian soldiers has been using 'Find My' to track the redeployment of Russian troops.

Vitaliy Sements took to Instagram stating that thanks to technology, he had been tracking his AirPods Pro that were looted from his home in Hostomel by Russian soldiers during the first phase of the invasion:

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As The Times notes, the AirPods show troops from the first wave of the invasion retreating north over the border of Ukraine into Belarus and the city of Gomel. According to the tracking, the AirPods had reached Belgorod in Western Russia as Putin masses troops for a renewed offensive against the Donbas.

As the report notes, there have been "numerous" reports of Russian troops looting valuables from Ukrainian homes in "a sign of the invading forces' disorganization and lack of discipline", with troops seen on CCTV posting goods from Belarus back to their families in Russia. The report cites an intercepted call to a Russian soldier from a family member who gave him a list of items they wanted including a laptop and sneakers.

In another cited instance, one soldier reportedly found the body of a Russian soldier who had replaced the armor plate in his vest with a stolen MacBook.

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