Teaching Innovation Institute on October 5, 2021. Photo by Mark Cornelison | UKphotoSource: Mark Cornelison

What you need to know

  • The University of Kentucky is now an Apple Distinguished School.
  • The program runs for three years and recognizes the school's commitment to creative teaching.
  • It comes in part thanks to the school's Smart Campus initiative, granting all students an iPad Air on entry.

The University of Kentucky has been awarded an Apple Distinguished School designation through 2024.

UK announced today:

The University of Kentucky has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for the 2021-2024 term for its continuous innovation in learning, teaching and school environment.

Apple Distinguished Schools are recognized as some of the most innovative schools in the world. UK is part of a growing group of schools across the nation recognized as centers of leadership and educational excellence, demonstrating Apple's vision of exemplary learning environments that use Apple products to inspire creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

The University's Associate Provost of Teaching Learning and Academic Innovation Kathi Kern said the designation meant the school was "doing something exciting to empower our students and those who teach them."

The award comes in part thanks to UK's Smart Campus Initiative, which grants incoming students an iPad Air, as well as a smart keyboard and Apple Pencil, which it says has improved the quality of learning for students and helped the university adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. One student said the scheme mean there was "a level of access for all students, as everyone receives a device that is theirs, that they can count on."

Apple's Distinguished School program recognizes institutions that are "centers of leadership and educational excellence", which demonstrate "Apple's vision for learning with technology." Apple says it believes the schools represent "some of the most innovative schools in the world." To qualify schools must have an established one-to-one program, innovative use of Apple's platform, staff proficiency with either iPad or Mac, and documented results of the impact this all has. Whilst designated the school will share its success with other educators, publishing stories and hosting visits.