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What you need to know

  • DigiTimes released a report stating that Nintendo was starting production for an updated Switch console.
  • According to the Taiwanese electronics newspaper, the new consoles will release mid-2020.
  • Nintendo has not confirmed this information; it's possible it could be false.

The new Nintendo Switch V2 and the Switch Lite both released in 2019, but if rumors are to be believed, these aren't going to be the last systems on the Switch lineup. On January 6, DigiTimes, a Taiwanese electronics newspaper, reported that Nintendo was going to start production on an updated Nintendo Switch in early 2020 with the goal being to ship them out mid-2020.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything as of yet, but the Japanese gaming company typically doesn't address rumors of this kind. DigiTimes isn't the most reliable news source, but it has provided helpful information in the past. As such, we aren't sure if this news is factual. However, the release of an updated Switch console in 2020 would be in line with Nintendo's launch philosophy. Last year, we learned that Sharp and Nintendo were teaming up to give a new Nintendo Switch IGZO Displays. This could be the console these displays were meant for.

Nintendo Switch fans have anxiously been awaiting a fabled Switch Pro, which would feature better processing power and graphics than the initial Switch iterations. If this report is founded, then it's possible this could be the more powerful Switch. However, it could just as likely be another Switch version entirely. We'll just have to wait and see what happens in 2020.

At the very least, we hope that any updated Nintendo Switch consoles feature redesigned joysticks to eliminate the pervasive drift issues experienced on the original Switch, Switch V2, and Switch Lite.

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