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What you need to know

  • Apple is giving employees time off to vote this November.
  • Specifically, retail and hourly workers can get four hours paid time off to vote.
  • Teams can also use the time to volunteer at the elections if they so wish.

Apple has told its retail and hourly workers they can have up to four hours of paid time off to go an vote in the U.S. election this November.

According to a report from Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. told U.S. employees they can take as many as four hours off with pay on Election Day to vote or volunteer at a polling place.

The policy applies to both retail employees and other hourly workers. As Bloomberg notes, other U.S. companies including Twitter and Uber offer similar policies.

In a memo sent to employees, Apple's senior VP of retail and people, Deirdre O'Brien told employees:

"For retail team members and hourly workers across the company, if you're scheduled to work this Election Day, we'll be providing up to four hours of paid time off if you need it to get to the polls. If they choose, our teams can also use this time to volunteer as an election worker at one of your local polling stations."

Apple already offers its employees similar initiatives regarding volunteering in other sectors.

Elections in the U.S. last month were plagued by reports of very long queues due to faulty machines and understaffed polling stations amongst other things.